Combi Ovens / Electric
Strength, power and reliability combined with sophisticated electronics and innovative cooking control technology = energy savings, flexible operation and cooking quality.

All it takes is the touch of a button to achieve impeccable cooking results!! Recipes for perfect grilling, vibrant vegetables, succulent meats -- all stored and retrieved easily.

The GBS Combistar produces superior results quicker and more efficiently than any other oven you've seen! You handle the preparation - the GBS FX-Combistar will do the rest!

With the ability to program up to 150 different recipes with many cooking steps per recipe, virtually any product can be prepared in the GBS Combistar.

Functions for improvement in operating efficiency, solutions to reduce heat losses, to achieve greater energy savings, make ECOnomic (cost) and ECOlogical (pollution) gains.

CATERING/BANQUETING - combining great quality, large volume banqueting capability and regeneration drives more profit!