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GBS Food Service Equipment Inc.
Rotisseries / Gas / TDR7-P Gas
TDR7-P Gas

The TDR 7-P Gas is a gas-powered rotisserie that offers the same advantages the electric version does: fast and controlled preparation. The unique technology of the TDR 7-P Gas makes it up to 30% faster than conventional gas rotisseries. With its 99 programs and three grilling steps per program, the TDR 7-P Gas is easy to operate. LED-displays show the timer and temperature and can be custom-set.

A gas-powered rotisserie offers you an important advantage over an electrical device: you avoid peak-consumption in electricity, saving on power bills. All you need is a 1 phase 208 V socket, and you’re in business!

With the unique heat exchanger, you can save up to 50% compared to open gas burners. The combination of the heat exchanger with ventilators ensures optimum heat transfer and an even airflow around  the meat. The result: evenly cooked products that look delicious  and taste great. As for food safety, the heat exchanger protects the food from exposure to burning gases.Double glass doors.

The innovative design with curved double glass doors makes the TDR 7-P Gas an eye-catching cooking theatre that will draw customers and promote impulse sales. It also offers perfect insulation with contact temperatures below 158?F to optimize safety for both your customers and your operators.

  • 7 meat forks, V-spits, meat baskets or chicken racks

  • 99 programs